Aids Walk Philly

It’s almost time for the Aids Walk Philly. It’s so important that we all take part in supporting this great effort to fight this horrible disease. It’s been important to me to be involved for many years. A high school friend of mine, Allison Gertz died of Aids. A TV movie was made about Ali’s life. She was a special person and it made me realize how anyone can be infected at any time. Life is so precious and we can’t take it for granted. According to the Aids Foundation 30-thousand people in the Deleware Valley are living with HIV and Aids. They are in desperate need of healthcare and important programs. In these tough economic times donations are harder to come by. Every 91/2 minutes someone in the U.S. becomes infected with HIV. Approximately 20 percent of people infected with HIV don’t know it.
The rate of infection in Philly is five times the national average.
Sunday October 17th is the Aids Walk. It kicks off at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Let’s all support the cause.

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