A Lesson In Civility

Rutgers, New Jersey State University is launching a new program called “Project Civility”. It’s designed to promote good manners, politeness, and caring on campus. We talked about this topic today on Fox29 News at 5pm . Etiquette expert Keri White joined me to weigh in on the program.”It’s great Rutgers is setting this type of trend,” says White. The campus program is targeting rude behavior like students taking calls while in class or surfing the web on their laptops during instruction. But we see this everywhere. People on their mobile devices having loud conversations in restaurants, health clubs, airplanes and we don’t want to hear it. White told me a story of when she was on a train and a woman was having a loud conversation with her significant other on her mobile phone.White says she looked at her and the woman said “this is a private conversation”, “well it really isn’t..” replied White. Plus what about our political views.? “We can’t simply disagree in a civil way, we have to evicerate eachother. We need to move away from that,”says White. “Rudeness begets rudeness and we all need to take a step back and be nice and that also spreads.”