My email hacked

If you think it can’t happen to you think again. It can and probably will. Even if you take all the right steps to protect your computer, and change your password, hackers find a way. Twice in one month they got my contact list and emailed inappropriate content to people I know. Many are business contacts so you can imagine my embarrassment. Your internet provider, computer manufacturer, and software providers will all tell you they provide excellent safeguards. In today’s world of online activity we are all vulnerable. Since we put so much personal information out there it’s available for theft. I didn’t want to change addresses, accounts, set up multiple passwords, but this last experience forced me to redo the way I operate my web activity. New tips I learned. Change your password often. Not twice a year, try once a month. Create multiple passwords. Pick a sentence, take first letters , create an acronym because if you stick with words you think you will remember, the hackers will find them. They can steal your address book, monitor your key strokes, get your personal info, and yes mess up your life. Be vigilant on line–trust me looking the other way–or waiting until it strikes-will make you wish you read my blog and followed this advice.