Seasonal Allergies

I remember the days of chronic sinus trouble. I could barely stand up due to congestion, and pressure between my eyes. I would feel like I had the flu when really I was suffering from allergies. Over the counter medicationss were brief relief, but had side effects. They made me drowsy . They dry you out. Even prescriptions didn’t get rid of the problem they only masked it. So I switched to a homeopathic routine. A Neti Pot for irrigation, saline nasal sprays to keep my nose clean and I gave up gluten, wheat and dairy. All have made a huge difference in my life. Today on Fox29 I interviewed Dr. Andrew Lipton from The Narberth Family Medicine Practice. Dr. Lipton encourages his patients to go down this path if they suffer from seasonal allergies. “Dairy, wheat, and Soy can aggravate seasonal allergies”, says Lipton. “Also wash your hair before you go to bed, wash your pet.” I asked about boosting your immune system because it helps reduce inflammation and congestion. “Vitamin C is a good immune booster, it has a drying affect without the fatigue”, says Dr. Lipton. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet I also finds keeps the body in good shape to fight off infections. If you suffer from allergies like I do-why not give it a try?