Texting & Driving

Texting while driving? When will it end? When will people realize how dangerous it is. Safety comes first but people still think they can multi-task, look down, and not be held accountable. A few days ago I saw a father texting while driving with his children in the car. Does he not realize the risk. I’ve been close to being hit several times by people who were too busy on their phones or blackberries to care. A new report out in Phiadelphia shows that since December, police have written more than 18-thousand tickets for texting or talking on a cellphone without hands-free. That averages 48 tickets a day. In a city this size, that means the vast majority are getting away with it. Why aren’t people paying attention to the law here? The law doesn’t seem to be a deterent and maybe it should be a state law. Right now if you are caught in Philly the penalty is a 75 to 300 dollar fine. Is sending a message really worth a life? According to AAA last year more than 5500 people died from distracted driving. One accident , one death is one too many. What did you do before? Be patient and go hands free and wait until you get out of the vehicle to send that so important message.