Food Stamps Debate

I am all for fighting the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S. but this program may go too far. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor David Patterson want the o-k from the Department of Agriculture to change the publicly-funded food stamp program. The proposal, those who receive food stamps would not be allowed to use them to purchase soda or sugary drinks. Currently 1 in 8 Americans is on food stamps.
Studies do show a child who drinks one sugary drink per day has a 60 percent higher risk of obesity than a child who abstains from the drink. But is it fair to single out this sector of the population. In the words of Whoopie Goldberg , who at one time was on welfare, on “The View”, “this suggests all poor people are overweight, it discriminates”.
I tend to agree. If the point is to fight Obesity that address all U-S citizens and perhaps impose a soda tax, sugar tax, candy tax. What does this say about the role of government in our lives. I am all for banning Cigarettes because they are harmful to those who don’t smoke. If the intent hear is to promote health and wellness then at least address everyone at that same time. What do you think?