Airport Body Scanners.

I recently went through an airport body scanner at Chicago’s O’hare Airport. It didn’t bother me holding my hands up and getting photographed and it was quick. However, after speaking to others, some view it as a violation of privacy and wonder where are those pictures going? It’s a story I’ve covered numerous times. Those scanners just arrived at Philly International Airport and at Newark Airport. I see both sides, but in light of the continuing threats to America’s safety and the latest attempted terror plot to send rigged devices on airplanes through cargo to U.S. targets, I say anything the TSA can do to make us more safe when we fly is a good idea. You also have the choice of a scan or a body pat down. I am more troubled by the long lines I experience at the security check points. This seems to me to be a passenger problem. People still don’t get that they need to empty their pockets of change, take off their jewelry, pull out their laptops, take off the shoes, and carry liquids in 3oz bottles. This has been in operation since 9/11 yet people forget or ignore and hold everyone up while they slowly take off these items and argue with TSA employees that they need that expensive bottle of shampoo to take to their next destination. There is no question that air travel isn’t as easy as it used to be and airlines have come under criticism for long lines and delays, but we can do our part. Travel light, obey the rules, be patient, and we all might have a smoother trip.