Chicagoan, Licensed Counselor, and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Susan Pallant started her company MindSet 12 years ago.
Her inspiration, realizing that losing weight and maintaining weight loss is more based on the way you think than the foods you eat.
She discovered this through her own life experiences. Susan teaches people how to handle their stress so they don’t turn to food to suit them.
For example: When it comes to stress :
Traffic isn’t going to go any faster because you are honking your horn impatient to get to the next destination. So Relax.
Managing stress can be the key to shedding pounds, keeping them off and feeling better about life in general. Susan has taught me those principals. We met in 2000 in a spin class. I’ve learned over the years exercise is one of the best stress relievers. Susan is also an amazing cook.
Today she showed me how to make Rosemary Mustard Cauliflower.
I admit I wasn’t excited to try it because I don’t like cauliflower. But to my suprise it’s yummy. All you do it cut a whole head of cauliflower into small pieces, and put it on a cookie sheet. Drizzle a little olive oil over the top, mix in fresh rosemary, coarse ground black pepper, some sliced onion and stoneground mustard, no salt added. Toss it on the tray and bake at 500 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes until brown.
Stay tuned because next month Susan will dish up another recipe.

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