Hosting at WLS890AM be unleashed. Talk radio is so fun. For more than 20 years I have kept my opinions to myself. As a journalist it’s my job to cover the news. But talk radio is a forum that allows for in depth conversation, lengthy interviews and analysis. Hosting today with pal Dan Proft, filling in for Cisco Cotto, we covered the Blagojevich Trial, or should I say soap opera-circus. So much to discuss as they go through the tedious process of picking a jury, while Democrats wait in the wings sweating for what will come out. Of course the delusional former Governor makes for great drama and entertainment. Also on topic, the tragedy in the Gulf, the oil spill that now has the White House on the defensive about it’s response to the disaster as time lines from the coast guard are released that conflict with information made public from Washington. Add the debate about lengthening the school day for CPS students, Senator Mark Kirk not remembering his military service, and a guy who crashes funerals just to get a meal. They call him the “Grim Eater.” Good show from 9-11. Thanks to all who called and text in.

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  1. Great looking page! Wishing you all the best. Really enjoy following your FB & Blog!

  2. Oh, crumb!!! I wish that I had known you were going to be on ‘LS. I would have enjoyed hearing you on the radio. WGN Radio is in the process of decimating its host ranks and bringing in new people. Have you dropped a resume over there yet? You might want to think about it. You are local and have the name recognition and you would bring a breath of fresh air to a far too masculine line-up at the station. They keep bringing in people who know nothing about their Chicago audience and you would be a welcome addition to their line-up, to this listener anyway.

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