Bag Ambition Boom

Barbara ConnIs it a sign the economy is picking up? Barbara Conn founder of says yes. She’s seen a significant increase in her business this Spring. Conn says, “I’ve seen our customers willing to spend more money, and that’s a positive indicator.” Bag Ambition is an online luxury handbag consignment site which Conn started in 2008. She launched it at a time when there was great uncertainty in the market. But like any smart business woman, she found a niche. Women love their handbags, Conn says, “The opportunity to buy designer goods at reasonable prices is attractive, no matter what your personal financial situation is.” She sells bags from $150.00 to over $1,000.00, and at customer requests has now added shoes to her website. Conn who has a background in marketing likes working for herself, and as an entrepreneur believes there are opportunities out there for people to pursue their passions and make money.