Casey Anthony Trial

I spent the past month covering this trial. Watching the lawyers present their cases, listening to evidence and testimony presented, glued to every detail and word. For weeks I have had attorneys on my Fox29 5pm news show analyzing every move of the prosecution and defense. It’s been fascinating to watch. It’s been interesting to cover and it took me back to the OJ trial that just like this gripped the nation. I like many people today was surprised by the Not Guilty Verdict of murder, aggravated manslaughter and child abuse. And now even with Guilty on 4 counts of giving false information to police, Casey Anthony will walk away free, perhaps as soon as Friday. She’s already served three years in prison and each count carries a penalty of one year. But in all the drama today, even a statement from Casey’s parents saying they know have closure, I wonder about little Caylee. Will we ever know what happened to that little girl. Someone killed her, put duct tape on her skull and dumped her in the woods. Where is the justice for Caylee? Sentencing is Thursday, what’s next for Casey? A book, A movie, will she reap millions from this tragedy. Weigh in on my facebook page.

MyPlate replaces Mypryamid

Congrats to the federal government for finally picking a symbol people can relate to. A dinner plate. I’m also glad to see the MyPlate teaches healthier choices for the diet.

But I still believe this is not a great way to get parents and children to eat better, exercise, and address their everyday stresses. We’ve had these guidelines around since 1992 and so far the Obesity Epidemic keeps getting worse. The First pyramid launched in 1992 was confusing. There is little distinction among healthy choices in the food groups. It didn’t say don’t eat wonder bread and corn chips. In fact it promoted lots of carbs, no explanation of lean protein, and what about the fact that dairy is packed with fat and cholesterol. The MyPryamid wasn’t a big improvement. It showed us the dangers of trans-fats and added exercise but no real distinction among food groups. The federal government is now spending millions like it has in the past promoting the plate. I give kudos to Michelle Obama for pushing healthier eating and prevention and targeting children in her message but I’m not sure all that money will make a difference. If parents don’t learn to eat better and teach their children good eating habits, a plate will not do the trick. The MyPlate shows, make half your meal fruits and veggies. The other half whole grains and proteins. I’m not sure why it bothered to have a small circle with dairy.

Plenty of countries around the world don’t use dairy in their diets and their babies are healthy and they do not have higher rates of osteoporosis. Dairy is packed with hormones, as well as fat. The Myplate does say less, sodium, more water, portion control and balance your calories. Good. But let’s teach kids leafy greens not peas and corn are the good veggies. Certain fruits have less sugar and less acidity. Whole grains don’t include starchy breads, and sugar cereals.

Leave my travel bag alone.

I like to travel. I have made it a mission to travel light. There is no reason to check luggage unless you absolutely have to. The airlines have made it tough for consumers with all the extra baggage fees and restrictions on weight and size. But have you noticed they are cracking down on the 22″. The bag you bought that you cram all your belongings into that goes above the seat. Why has the 22″ now become the problem.
The rules are carry-ons must be 22″ right? . But many planes don’t fit the 22″ wheels first in the overhead . Watch out if you don’t follow that wheels-in first rule-a flight attendant will yell at you and make you an example for the entire airplane. So I went out and I bought a 20″. Not so easy to get all the clothes, shoes, cosmetics in that size bag if you are going away for more than two days. Men have it easier than us ladies–we just need to pack more. I was pretty proud of my purchase until a recent trip from Philly to Chicago when I was stopped at the gate. The ticket checker asked me to put my bag in the basket by the boarding door. It fit but took a little muscle to pull it out. Why? Because those baskets aren’t designed to fit a 20″ or a 22″. She took my bag. Come on.
I follow the rules, spent money and time just trying to find the perfect bag where this wouldn’t happen and once again the airline got me. I don’t mind the stricter rules post 9/11. I don’t even mind the new full body scanners, and I have become used to the delays . But this is where I have to get upset with air travel. What’s next–I can only bring a tiny purse and no luggage on board.