Casey Anthony Trial

I spent the past month covering this trial. Watching the lawyers present their cases, listening to evidence and testimony presented, glued to every detail and word. For weeks I have had attorneys on my Fox29 5pm news show analyzing every move of the prosecution and defense. It’s been fascinating to watch. It’s been interesting to cover and it took me back to the OJ trial that just like this gripped the nation. I like many people today was surprised by the Not Guilty Verdict of murder, aggravated manslaughter and child abuse. And now even with Guilty on 4 counts of giving false information to police, Casey Anthony will walk away free, perhaps as soon as Friday. She’s already served three years in prison and each count carries a penalty of one year. But in all the drama today, even a statement from Casey’s parents saying they know have closure, I wonder about little Caylee. Will we ever know what happened to that little girl. Someone killed her, put duct tape on her skull and dumped her in the woods. Where is the justice for Caylee? Sentencing is Thursday, what’s next for Casey? A book, A movie, will she reap millions from this tragedy. Weigh in on my facebook page.