Skin Cancer Cases Rise

Skin CancerIt’s no surprise to me that the number of skin cancer cases are increasing. People love to lay out in the hot sun and often forget to put on their sunscreen. Plus they now tan all year long just to look bronzed. Don’t take the “It won’t happen to me attitude.” Not to long after I lost my father, my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer, the most dangerous and deadly kind, melanoma. She discovered it and has since had melanoma three times on her body. I am so grateful she is alive today but she is super careful in the sun, protected head to toe everyday. The reason for the melanoma is exposure from when she was young through her adult years and not wearing sunscreen . This is why I choose to be cautious and not reckless with my health and I encourage others to do the same.

Yahoo! News Article – “Why Skin Cancer is on The Rise”

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  1. It’s no surprise that skin cancer stats are on the rise. We “Boomers” are now doscovering the cancers we nurtured as children. I am waiting for that shoe to drop after numerous serious burns in my childhood. My Mom did her best to keep me in the shade and to cover me up. She used to take my Dad’s old Marine t-shirts to the beach and cover me. However, I was a water rat and she had a hard time getting me out of the water when the sun was high. Nothing like magnifying the burn while being in the water and getting that good reflective sun.

  2. I’m surprised at the statistics of the incidence of skin cancer in young women. I guess the use of all of those tanning beds radically increase the growth of cancerous cells. What a pity; they do it to look pretty but the outcome is so ugly!!! It’s very sad.

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