New blood test For Down Syndrome

A new study out of Hong Kong shows Scientists have made a great discovery. A blood test that could tell whether Moms will have a baby with Downs Syndrome. Blood tests are not invasive, not like the traditional test of Amniocentesis which can lead to miscarriage. But the new test does raise ethical questions. Researchers found that 90 percent of women who received a definitive diagnosis choose not to have the baby. Professor of Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania Art Kaplan talked with me on Fox29 News about this ethical debate. He says he supports parents having as much information as possible to make their own decision. He also says this finding is a huge advancement in medicine and could pave the wave for all types of blood testing for disorders. But Art did tell me it raises concerns about the number of people who would choose not to have the baby and for parents who already have Down Syndrome Children, the fear that with no more Down Syndrome babies comes less funding, research, and lobbying for their cause. I find this to be a very sensitive and difficult subject. I am a big supporter of advances in medicine and being able to take a blood test and receive this type of information is crucial for any person. The test is under development but could be available soon.