Where Do The Tax Dollars go?

The economy isn’t getting better, unemployment remains high, the number of people filing for jobless benefits is increasing and the government is taking more of our tax dollars. Where is that money going? It’s supposed to go to jobs and rebuilding roads, but our roads are littered with potholes. A few months after I had to shell out 900 dollars for brand new tires I found myself in the middle of the intersection and Fullerton and Halstead with another flat and bent rim from a pothole. 700 dollars later It’s fixed. So while my bank account keeps shrinking and the government keeps taking more money I wonder will it ever balance out, get back to a place where we feel we can make ends meet, see the money used for rebuilding and growth. Analysts are divided. Some financial experts paint a rosy picture ahead while others keep up the doom and gloom scenario. It’s hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. All we can do is exercise patience, hope for better times, and give it our all everyday. Still a tough road when you wonder where does the money really go?