Chicago’s True Oldies

I have always loved music. I love listening to tunes on the radio. I am also a news junkie and today I got to mesh both worlds when I filled in on 94.7WLSFM with host Dave Fogel. Fogel is fun, funny, and energetic and he made it easy for me to cover the news, weather, and traffic . We also talked about some crazy topics like, a website for the attractive that now offers a sperm and egg bank to the not-so attractive, the unseen Beattles photos, and why there is a chance Neverland Ranch will become a state park. What a great gig, because in between my hits I get to listen to awesome music, and we all know that’s a great way to start the day. Tune in tomorrow from 6-10am, I’ll be back and I am sure Fogel will keep me on my toes.

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