She’s kicking Cancer’s Ass

It’s rare that a book makes me laugh, cry, get inspired and empowered. But “A Survivors Guide To Kicking Cancer’s Ass” by Dena Mendes delivers it’s title and more. I’ve known Dena for several years. I call her my “Health Guru” because she has a natural gift to heal. She’s improved my quality of life tremendously but she is also an incredible teacher.

When you read her book , you will be shocked that she is still alive. How could anyone endure what she has. But through a positive spirit, natural remedies, and a healthy diet I have seen her regain her own health and strength after the medical treatments have practically shut her down. And while she has battled this deadly disease over and over again, she stays on course to her mission to help others and direct them to a healthy lifestyle. I urge you to read this book and learn more on her website