Fox29 Career Expo

40 companies. 2500 job applicants. That was the scene today at the Hilton Hotel on City Avenue in Philadelphia. Fox29 was one of the sponsors of the event and it was a real reminder to all of us who went of just how dire the job search can be. I was at the career expo for several hours talking to people from all walks of life looking for jobs. Some had been out a few weeks, some more than a year. Heartbreaking stories of men and women looking for any type of work and not able to support their families. It was a privilege for me to get to talk to folks today and hopefully inspire some to keep the faith. I know what it’s like to lose a job and how tough it can be to get a foot in the door. I know first hand how you try and think of alternative careers, can I go back to school and still support my family, and how can I get myself in front of someone willing to take a chance. The good news today-many people told me career fairs are better outlets than on line searches or cold calling and mailing resumes. It gives people a chance to interact, get fresh ideas, vent, and see they are not alone. We list new jobs everyday on our website and the station takes parts in numerous job fairs. We want to help.
I know when times were tough for me, my network and contacts finally came to the rescue and I encourage others to keep trying, keep putting yourself in the path of people. When one door closes, another one will open and just never give up.