Is it Over-parenting?

Today I interviewed Author Lenore Skenazy for the 5pm news on Fox 29 Philadelphia. The topic “why are so many kids not walking or riding their bikes to school.” Skenazy thinks Children today over coddled and spoiled and should be more independent. She says it’s a far cry from when she was young and children would feel less stressed and lose more weight if they were not driven by their parents. It took me back to when I was a child growing up in New York City. I took a bus or rode the subway. The subway certainly made me more independent but at times it was scary. Skenazy says there is an unwarranted fear among parents today when it comes to safety. Certainly times have changed and children have way more toys, gadgets, activities, busy busy lives. I’m not sure walking or riding a bike to school would be practical? They could relieve stress by playing sports, walking the dog, or having more downtown than activities to rush to. On the other hand if a school is nearby and the kids walked together it might be beneficial. Let me know what you think?