Blue Angels Flight

It’sĀ another year of the Air and Water Show in Chicago and another year where I am reminded that I had the opportunity years ago when I worked for WLS-TV to fly with the Blue Angels. It’s one of the highlights of my 23 year television career where I have been all over the globe covering stories and at times taking on risky ventures. I have motion sickness so I was very nervous about the flight. No fear of heights or speed, in fact I welcome “living on the edge” but motion sickness is not fun. My pilot Yogi Beare was great but like all hot shot pilots, they love to toy with the media. So no taking it easy on a young enthusiastic tough reporter. It was an extremely hot day, much like today and I was sweating in my flight suit before I even boarded. The space in the FA-18 is small, confining, and well I did not know what to expect. My helmet was too big, I had a camera rolling on me and it was noisy. We lifted off the ground at O’hare like a rocket and once high above in the sky we leveled off only to feel my stomach drop as if I had just taken an elevator to the 50th floor. But what a beautiful view. Hook left, Hook Right we took off like lightning and once inverted over the Sears tower I knew it was the experience of a lifetime. Yogi -so fun, Top Gun. I would fly again in a heartbeat. Enjoy the show Chicago.

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