Cool Workouts at HIFI

LaurenI am always looking for the next fun and different exercise routine. It’s been an interest of mine ever since I first became a Health Reporter for Fox Chicago News many years ago. My pals in the industry are always keeping me posted on the latest technology or class that is sure to draw attention. This week while hanging with my friends the Shipp brothers at HIFI Fitness on Chicago’s near Northside they showed me Kinesis-Technogym. By using grips, cables, and weight stacks the body creates fluid movements through resistance based exercises. It’s so much better that weight lifting. You get tension and toning without discomfort. It’s hard but you can create so many positions to strengthen the body without causing injury. You can even do your favorite yoga poses. I think it’s especially great for women who don’t like weights but want to get stronger. and best do sweat.

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