Chicago Woman Ambassador Board Member

I am honored and thrilled to be part of the Chicago Woman Magazine Ambassador Board, working with an amazing group of women. We strive to bring you the best content and stories. As a 28 year Veteran journalist I enjoy everyday educating and informing the public. I meet and interview people from all walks of life and I am constantly amazed by their stories. I look forward to bringing you my very best.

Joining WYCC PBS Chicago as Co-Host “In The Loop”

I’m very excited to join WYCC PBS Chicago This season as Co-Host of “In The Loop”, a weekly public affairs show airing on Ch 20, Thursdays 7pm CT,(repeat 1am Sat 6:30pm Sun) and always on WYCC.ORG. Get ready for informative stories and engaging discussions on issues that matter. I am working with a distinguished group of journalists, Barbara Pinto, Chris Bury, and Robin Robinson, an awesome WYCC Staff and Program Director Paul Buckner. Please join us! We start Sept 10th!!