Joining WYCC PBS Chicago as Co-Host “In The Loop”

I’m very excited to join WYCC PBS Chicago This season as Co-Host of “In The Loop”, a weekly public affairs show airing on Ch 20, Thursdays 7pm CT,(repeat 1am Sat 6:30pm Sun) and always on WYCC.ORG. Get ready for informative stories and engaging discussions on issues that matter. I am working with a distinguished group of journalists, Barbara Pinto, Chris Bury, and Robin Robinson, an awesome WYCC Staff and Program Director Paul Buckner. Please join us! We start Sept 10th!!

Lauren Cohn Host 89WLS

Lauren in the WLS Studio There is never a dull moment on air at 89WLS. Whether we are talking about the major stories of the day, politics, the economy, health, consumer or lifestyle issues, the discussion is informative and enlightening. Plus it’s always great to hear from our listeners and experts what they think. Join the conversation!

Click on the links below to hear excerpts of the radio show:

Lauren Cohn on 89WLS

Lauren and Dan on 89WLS

Lauren and John on 89WLS

Hosting at 89WLS

It’s great to be back in Chicago and Hosting Radio at WLSAM890 every morning from
9-11am with John Kass. I want to thank all the listeners for my welcome back and for tuning in and joining the conversation on important topics we discuss every day. From Politics, to Business to local, national, and world events we do our best to report the news. I came home to find my favorite State broke with high unemployment. Chicago’s crime rate soaring and for the first time actually seeing friends move away because of the corruption and high taxes. Well, not me I have had to move away several times but I am always compelled to return to the city I call home and to hopefully see us crawl out of this difficult economic time soon. Please keep tuning in and let me know what’s going on in your neighborhood.